We also provide retail packaged card making kits and scrap book kits for craft shops and craft re-sellers
Paper Flower Factory
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Thanks for Visiting The Paper Flower Factory

The Paper Flower Factory is a division of Banjusap Export Company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We manufacture a growing range of handmade mulberry paper flowers, mulberry paper leaves, skeleton leaves, packaged paper craft accessories, kits and scrap-booking embellishments for export worldwide. 

Below is a list of our general terms and conditions, some of the services we offer and some tips on how best to work with us.

1.    Production time is normally 1-2 weeks.

a.    Everything is handmade.  It takes time.

b.    We try to keep the more popular items, components and colors in stock but the combinations are too broad to always have everything immediately available.  If we have all the pieces of your order in stock, we’ll be happy to ship within 2 days.

c.    Please be patient.  We want to ship as quickly as possible but want to make sure the order is correct.

 2.    We are now offering Free Shipping worldwide.

 3.    We use DHL Global Mail for shipping. 

a.    This is an arrangement between DHL and the Singapore Postal Service.

b.    The final delivery to your location will be made by your local postal service.

c.    Normally 2 weeks for delivery anywhere in the world provided there are no issues in customs.

d.    We can make an invoice to travel with your order stating the value at 50% of actual to help with customs duty in your country.

e.    If you need express delivery, please contact us directly.

 4.    Our minimum order total value is USD $ 250.

a.    Our free shipping calculations are based on a minimum order size.

b.    For small orders in the US, please visit www.handicraftssupplier.com

       5.    We collect payment through PayPal. 

a.    PayPal will accept your credit card for payment. 

       6.    Branding

a.    Our retail packaged items use the Irene’s brand.  This is our house brand, it is included in the price and anyone is welcome to sell this brand name.

b.    We can also make our retail packaged products with no branding on it.  Plain white packaging and there is no extra charge for this. 

c.    We can print your custom brand name using our professional printer.  Minimum print runs apply and this can be discussed case by case.

d.    We offer a sticker label branding for customers who want their own brand but do not meet the minimum print requirements.  Using our high volume inkjet printer, we create a label with your logo, web address etc.  Contact us for more details.  Many of our independent retailers like this option.


        7.   We offer custom colors, custom packaging and custom designs.  Contact us directly if you’d like to develop a new item or would like to modify one of our designs to suit your particular market.

 8.   For large orders over $3,000, please contact us directly.  Larger orders would likely use sea or air freight which is much cheaper and will be calculated based on prevailing rates.

 9.   We are always looking for new projects and new directions to take our business.  We have a small factory with 20+ assembly staff that is very good at making things with their hands.   If you have a new product idea that incorporates hand intensive processes and are looking to set up production in Asia, we’d like to hear from you.

Featured Products
15mm Open Rose, Cornflower Blue (Pack 100)
15mm Open Rose, Cornflower Blue (Pack 100)
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2.0 cm Carnation Style Rose, Black (Pack 50)
2.0 cm Carnation Style Rose, Black (Pack 50)
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30mm Tea Rose, Black (Pack 50)
30mm Tea Rose, Black (Pack 50)
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Cherry Blossom, Sky Blue (Pack 50)
Cherry Blossom, Sky Blue (Pack 50)
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Mixed Rose Pack (30), Red
Mixed Rose Pack (30), Red
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Mixed Rose Pack (30), White
Mixed Rose Pack (30), White
Your Price: $3.50
On sale: $3.25 On Sale